The Franchise Opportunity

This opportunity was birthed out of over 60 years of laundromat operating experience. The model is proven and sustainable. We use large washers, huge dryers, friendly staff, convenient locations, efficient operating systems, concentrated marketing, and the latest technologies to ensure the success of our franchisees! 

FRANCHISE benefits

no accounts receivable

Customers pay in advance for all services and products. 

Low labor

1-3 Staff per location. Labor typically between 10%-15% of grass revenue.

loyal, repeat customers

Laundry is endless so therefore our customers visit our locations regularly.

recession resistant

Clean laundry is a necessity so therefore it is not typically effected by the economy. 

Complete verification

Our payment system "Rocket Pay" allows customers to load their Rocket Card by cash or credit. Then pay on any machine with a simple tap of the card. 

No Coins = No Theft & Customer Retention. 

owners app

Our Rocket App for you as the owner allows you to see real time data that matters. All sales are live on your app and collection reports are easily verified. Staff clock in and out with the system allowing for efficient management. 

Dedicated support team

Our franchise is structured so that our franchisees have support through every aspect of the business. Our biggest focus is our franchisees profitability. Your success is our success.

low inventory

The products for cleaning and vending are minimal creating a stress free business model with no food spoilage! 




Rocket Laundromats are First-In-Class providers of self-service laundromats. Everything you will learn to do will be superior in quality and exceed expectations. 



At Rocket Laundromats, we follow a high moral code that guides our decisions and behaviors. Trust is the most valuable currency in business, and trust is built by holding fast to this code over time. The team at Rocket Laundromats has worked to establish trust throughout its history by exhibiting uncompromising integrity.



Peace come through security, and peace is priceless. Rocket Laundromats works to reduce your risk and increase profitability so that you can rest assured knowing your investment and its returns are secure.



Being part of something bigger than ourselves is empowering. Your membership in the Rocket Laundromats community provides you with the incredible benefits of connection and alliance. You belong at Rocket Laundromats as a member of our community. 



The skills of an expert are gained through first hand experience over time. The collective expertise at Rocket Laundromats provides you with an incredible advantage over your nearest competitors within our industry.

meet the Founders


Lee Williford - CEO

Lee is a third-generation member of his family’s self-service laundry company, joining 

full-time in 2007. Lee currently serves as CEO, helping to develop and execute long-term strategy, increase value for all stakeholders, and lead the organization into a more meaningful and prosperous future. Lee is passionate about the positive impacts a well-run company can have on its stakeholder’s everyday lives.

Rocket Laundromats International, LLC, was formed from a passion he and his brother, Luke, share to help franchisees find value in a rapidly changing industry and to help steer the laundry industry through the many changes that lie ahead. Lee served as President of the North Carolina Affiliate of the Coin Laundry Association in 2010 and 2011. Prior to the laundry industry, Lee worked as a banker for Branch Banking & Trust Company.   Lee received his BSBA in Management, magna cum laude, from East Carolina University, where he serves on the Management Advisory Committee.


Luke Williford - COO

Luke is a founding partner of Rocket Laundromats International LLC where he serves as 

Chief Operations Officer. Luke has served as Chief Operating Officer of The Wash House Laundromats since 2014 where he has directly overseen the site selection, and construction of all new locations. Luke leads training, marketing, human resources, and maintenance to ensure that each unit meets the excellent standards that have been set. From 2009 – 2014 Luke served as the general manager for The Wash House Laundromats. Luke thrives working with his hands in the field and he loves people. Luke is a business management graduate from NC Wesleyan College where he excelled as a two-sport collegiate athlete in football and baseball. Luke served as North Carolina Coin Laundry Association President from 2015-2018.  

industry Experience

The founders of Rocket Laundromats own and operate 27 profitable locations and are excited to work with people just like you. The franchise opportunity was birthed out of over 60 years of laundromat operating experience. Our experience in the self-service laundry industry is a rich heritage of multiple generations working to provide our customers a safe, clean, comfortable place to do their laundry. There isn't much complexity to it. However, executing this simple concept isn't easy. There are traps all along the way that lie hidden in plain sight. To successfully operate your business, you need a profitable business model that has been proven over time. We are now accepting request for consideration.  




The Wash House opened its first location in Windsor, North Carolina. 



The Wash House Laundromats have 27 locations and growing. Serving roughly 10,000 customers a week. These locations are affiliate locations for Rocket Laundromats International Inc.



Rocket Laundromats was birthed out of The Wash House Laundromats to give others like you the opportunity to own and operate our proven business model and serve your communities well. 

how does a rocket make money


people need clean clothes and therefore they need laundromats.

  • We get them to visit our location, we exceed their expectations by serving them well and they come over and over again. Simple yet profound.

Show me the money

  • Our average customer spends $17.00 a visit. The goal is for each location to serve between 300-600 customers every week. Simple math! 

Washer revenue

  • Typically makes up 70% of total revenue. 

Dryer revenue

  • Typically makes up 25% of total revenue.

Vending revenue

  • Typically makes up 5% of total revenue.

turns per day

  • Is the average number of times each washer is used in one day. The goal is 4 turns per day however we have busy locations that average 7 turns per day. If you have 40 washers and the average price for a washer is $5.00 then 1 turn would equal $200.00 and 4 turns would equal $800.00. This is just an example for your understanding of the commonly used term "turns per day".

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